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Bob Mortensen

McLean, Virginia

“I have worked with Landscape Enterprises on several large and commercial projects. They always bring good quality plants and always make sure that the end result is perfect. They make sure it is done right.”

Gerald N. Therrien

Therrien Waddell Construction

"It is often difficult to find someone who you can refer with confidence to others and know that they will always perform and have the character to provide the highest quality service. You certainly fall in that rare breed of being a trustworthy and reliable partner in any task or project that we have needed. We feel very comfortable in contacting you for your landscaping expertise, whether it is hardscape or regarding plantings, and know that you will readily respond and have a willingness to help. Your prices seem to always be competitive and reasonable, but you never shortchange a job or your services by merely pricing it to get the job. Your attitude conveys the belief that your business is as much about relationships as it is about financial success and this shows in your work and dealings.

"Construction is more of a collaborative effort than many people may understand. It is the cooperation to get a job done, find solutions to challenges and the support of other team members which results in a project's uccess. You are the type of individual that works hard to achieve all these measures and make sure that your employees do as well. You stand behind your work and follow up readily when required. There is no quibbling about small matters and you always respond to ensure that your customers are satisfied. The quality of your work and materials that you provide are always the best. 

"Michael, it is always a pleasure to see you in our office and on the job site. If there ever is anything that we can do for you to assist or aid you in gaining the confidence of a new customer, please let us know. I truly hope that we can continue to do business with each other for a long time."

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